Ag Book Club

AgBookClub is just like your typical book club, but it’s all online and all books are related to the theme of food and agriculture. AgBookClub was founded by my friend, Laura, and I and will kick off in fall 2017. Each month, we will read a different book and come together during our weekly chat on Twitter to discuss the assigned section of the book– so make sure you do your homework in advance. 😉

I love to read, but I’ve found that I don’t read as much now as I did as a pre-teen and teenager. We hope that AgBookClub will encourage us to read more while learning more about the agriculture industry and diverse views of food and food production. (I’m most excited about building my library!)

There is no official sign-up sheet to join AgBookClub, but we suggest that you subscribe to the AgBookClub blog to receive the latest updates via email. Learn more and subscribe at You can also follow AgBookClub on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.